Paradise Towing & Paradise Towing Company offer towing in South Padre Island, Texas. Paradise Towing offers wrecker service in South Padre Island, tow service in South Padre, as well as all services you’d expect from a full service towing company in South Padre Island. Our professional cleaning & detail shop on South Padre can make your vehicle look like brand new at a surprisingly affordable cost.

South Padre Island's ONLY Vehicle Detailing Service

South Padre Island's ONLY Vehicle Detailing Service
South Padre Island's ONLY Vehicle Detailing Service

Paradise Towing & Detail is proud to offer our certified detail team on South Padre Island. Our details are guaranteed to be the finest available not just locally, but here in South Texas. We stress we are NOT a car wash, but a full service automotive detail center. Our Complete Details have a 100+ point check list we do for our clients.

Call 956 720 0903. Appointment NOT required for Quickie Details – all other services require appointment. We are open 7 days a week. Email: if you need a custom quote, boat buff out, RV or Semi or large commercial truck – yep, we can do it!

uickie Details take 1-2 hours. Full Service Plus 4-5 hours. Complete Details 8 hours+ and Ultimate Details 10-12 hours, with an overnight in our secure impound lot for final touches the next day.


ONLY $32.95

Includes hand wash, spray wax exterior, Vacuum inside, quickie armour all all interior of vehicle.

All below available by appointment only

ONLY $59.95

All of the Quickie plus hand wax and clean rims & tires

            $59.95 (cars)
            Add $10 vans, sport utilities, trucks


ONLY $74.95

All of Full Service plus and also includes Shampoo Interior seats/carpeting or clean condition leather plus carpeting shampoo

            Add $10 vans, sport utilities, trucks


ONLY $129.95

If you want your vehicle coming out looking “fresh” & new, this is the! Includes all of the Detail Express, but adds:

  1. Truly fine-tuned interior/exterior cleaning
  2. Rims / Wheels thoroughly cleaned & polished
  3. Hand Wax
  4. Vehicle “make ready” for sale
  5. Conditioning of all rubber/tires
  6. Thoroughly clean all windows
  7. Quick wipe down of motor compartment, all door & trunk jams, etc.
  8. Air Fresher throughout

            Add $10 vans, sport utilities, trucks

We recommend to all South Padre residents as a minimum (2) complete details per year to combat our corrosive salt air condition

ONLY $199.95

This Detail is not some quickie detail you negotiated in Mexico my amigos – this is the BOSS of our details. This detail does more than “make ready” for sale – your vehicle will come back in as pristine condition as is possible. Have an older vehicle you are tired of? Get the Ultimate to bring back the excitement! Want top dollar on trade in or an immediate sale? Get the Ultimate. Going to a car show? Get the Ultimate.

            The Ultimate Detail includes the Complete Detail plus:

  1. Thorough hand detail of engine & compartment
  2. Undercoating of all wheel wells to like “new”
  3. Three step professional power buff of exterior to like new luster
  4. Prior to Car Show “make ready” quality
  5. Free Quickie wash within (30) days


Add $10 vans, sport utilities, trucks



(quoted on bid basis only)

  • Wet sanding & buffing (for truly worn paint or new paint jobs) Starting at $99 and up
  • Any service you see above
  • Gift Certificates Available

Simply drive your vehicle to Paradise Towing located at 1515 C Padre Blvd, and AT NO CHARGE we will drop you back off at your residence or condo & pick you up when finished for any Full Service Plus service or higher.

Extremely dirty vehicles and/or vehicles in very rough condition are on bid basis only, but have no fear…we can make anything look better & worth much, much more.

Please understand that vehicles may have to remain with us overnight in our lighted impound lot – good service can take some time


See how we Properly Hand Wax a Car:

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