Paradise Towing & Paradise Towing Company offer towing in South Padre Island, Texas. Paradise Towing offers wrecker service in South Padre Island, tow service in South Padre, as well as all services you’d expect from a full service towing company in South Padre Island. Our professional cleaning & detail shop on South Padre can make your vehicle look like brand new at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Super Duty King Ranch
Dually 4x4

Our King Ranch features a super stealthy “sneaker” wheel lift & dolly system for up valley Repo work. This 6.0L Turbo diesel is used on police tows for the City of South Padre Island, Cameron County, and DPS. This truck has all required emergency lights & equipment to operate as a full “tow truck” without the clumsy boom set up.

The King Ranch is also used for vehicle unlocks “pop a lock” services, beach pull outs, and difficult tow outs on the Laguna Madre flats where more than one truck is needed. This truck will get you out of the mud, gunk, sand, you name it.

Did you know the King Ranch is bigger than the State of Rhode Island? It is, and it’s a reason we drive this Ford Tough truck!


International Snub Nose
Flat bed wrecker w/winch

Our medium duty flatbed snub nose International is perfect for long hauls, exotic cars, Expensive luxury cars & SUVs, & all wheel drive vehicles. The aluminum bed is light And the truck is equipped with a PTO winch for police calls & accidents, rollovers, & More

As this truck has a wheel lift, we can haul two vehicles at once with the one On the flatbed and one behind on the lift & wheels dollies. Coming to South Padre With a show car or bike? Let the professionals on South Padre handle your baby With care on our flatbed.


Dodge 3500
1 ton Dually 4 x 4

Our ultra heavy duty 4x4 Dodge 3500 is custom built with a Century lift And mud out tires. This truck is our workhouse for lifted 4x4's that need A tow, as well as towing out any of our stuck tow trucks (yep it happens!) The Cummins Turbo Diesel is uber powerful & ready for work. This trucks was Custom built from the ground up


Ford F-250 Beach Tow Out
"The Beast"

Another custom build by our Owner, this V8 F-250 features a 3" lift and ultra Wide sand ready tires for beach tow outs as well as a wicked 17,500 lbs Front winch. We couple that winch with a Military sized RW 14,000lb Pull Pal That is a massive 150lb sand spade.

What we do is anchor the rear of our truck with a 6" circumference shrimp Rope between our truck's frame & 20 feet behind the truck to the Pull Pal Spade. We then hook our redonkulous winch cable to the frame of your Truck. You're getting out when all else have failed.

When you get TRULY stuck on the flats on the North beaches of South Padre Island, about 3 to 4 feet under the sand float is mud & salt water. Yes - this an ugly situation. Have no fear, after you've snapped 10 Cables, broke that poor schlep's winch and blew up his motor trying To pull you out, call Paradise Towing. "The Beast" will come get you out. Will it cost you? Yes. But after it looks like you either consider your truck A total loss and abandon us vs. call 956 761 8599 - we think you'll call.

We have over $30,000 invested in "The Beast" for a reason - the flats Of South Padre Island provide some of the most grueling tow outs in the United States let alone the world. Mud is easy compared to our salt flats.


Motorcycle Trailer with
Condor System

When your Harley, Goldwing or even your moped breaks down, let Paradise Towing Company professional tow your bike. We use our motorcycle trailer with a Pro-Condor set up so there is guarantee “no damage” to your motorcycle. We haul bikes up to 75 miles from our location with safe, insured towing vehicles that are TDLR approved.

Other shops will tow your bike on a flatbed wrecker but they tend to use their winch and this can damage your forks. We carefully (and manually) hand load your bike, then use the Condor front chock set up to hold the bike perfectly straight & safe.

We own & ride Harleys and will take care of any motorcycle you ride. Guaranteed best price too.

Flat Bed service is also (and always available – call us toll free 956.761.8599 for flat bed service) If you have a long haul tow, all wheel drive, or be it a show car, our flat bed service might be for you.

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