Paradise Towing & Paradise Towing Company offer towing in South Padre Island, Texas. Paradise Towing offers wrecker service in South Padre Island, tow service in South Padre, as well as all services you’d expect from a full service towing company in South Padre Island. Our professional cleaning & detail shop on South Padre can make your vehicle look like brand new at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Property Managers And Condo Owners


Hotel / Condo Property General Managers
& other business owners in South Padre Island

If you haven't been visited by PJ our GM, stop in to our shop across street from Club Chaos in the Jim Wells Realty Building - we'll gladly pitch you on our condo / hotel towing services at NO COST to you, your business, your guests/customers or your condo association.

Paradise Towing currently has nearly 97% of private property towing contracts for a number of reasons, namely:

  • We are the only towing company with an impound located ON South Padre Island NOT over in Port Isabel. This matters, because if you make a mistake and have us tow a customer or guests Vehicle, they are already going to be mad. At least with us being located directly on the Island, Getting their vehicle isn’t such a pain
  • We provide BRAND NEW No Parking or Parking by Permit signs at NO COST to you as required by the State of Texas to legally tow a vehicle
  • Fastest service. As we are the only tow company located directly on South Padre Island, If traffic is bad coming across the causeway, it won’t affect our ability to service your parking Situation. Remember, having a full lot with no place for your clients to park is ridiculous and Costs YOU money – that’s not fair, same goes if you are a hotel or condo complex and your Guest have no where to park. It’s you they will be yelling at, and for good reason.

    Don’t sign up with an off island tow operator. It’s unlikely (even if they wanted to) they Could clear your lot on Texas week of spring break, Easter, or the 4th of July with Traffic. These other tow operators are NOT allowed to drop their tows anymore due to Problems we have had with them damaging peoples’ cars, so they MUST take any Cars they tow ALL THE WAY OVER TO PORT ISABEL. This takes WAY TOO LONG!!!
  • We offer mistake forgiveness.What this means is, if you are the authorized agent of your parking or facility, and you ACCIDENTLY have us tow a customer or guests vehicle, we let It out free of charge the first time it happens. There after, we do reduce the tow bill By 50% for mistakes as we have significant costs in lost business towing the wrong cars
  • Our services are 100% insured, meaning you have no liability for vehicles we tow. We are licensed by the State to tow vehicles. Our services have NO COST to you, ONLY to the illegally Parked vehicles Owner. Remember, these idiots do NOT KNOW you called their vehicle in to be towed, we handle everything.

A word about vehicle boots to disable cars from leaving your premise:

Are you currently booting cars as a property manager without a bond & charging to remove that boot? That’s great, but we hope you are bonded as booting a vehicle without a bonded license to do so constitutes denying the Owner access to their property, a misdemeanor. In addition, you can be fined by the Texas Department of Dealer & Vehicle Licensing up to $5,000 per offense.

Damage their wheel with that boot or even have them claim you have? You are 100% liable – this is EXACTLY the reason the State of Texas requires you have a bond to boot a vehicle for $10,000.

If you have had your car booted on South Padre Island, it was NOT by Paradise Towing Company as we DO NOT boot cars because we do NOT carry a bond to do so nor do we wish to. We do NOT know of one bonded condo, hotel, nor business owner to boot vehicles = your car has been illegally booted – CALL THE POLICE and press charges.

The South Padre Island Police, Cameron County Cops, DPS, and Park Rangers as well as Cameron County Constables DO NOT BOOT VEHICLES – THEY TOW…liability is simply too high.

Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with all this liability, criminal charges, hassle, lawsuits, etc. Simply have Paradise Towing keep your lot clear of people that are not supposed to be parked there. That easy.

956 761 8599 ask for Del and we will have signs up quick so we can service your parking situation.

Remember, without legal signage as required by the State, we CANNOT TOW a vehicle on your property – NO ONE CAN!!!

According to State Law, someone could legally park in front of your garage door. Unless the Police call us and order the tow, we cannot tow unless we have signage up of legal size & dimensions without exception. Guess what?  We cannot tow. Crazy? Yep, but it’s the LAW.
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